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Duolingo Korean Events – Benefits of Learning in 2024

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Lately everyone around the world has been fascinated by Korean language. Especially after the rise of BTS (Bangtan Boys), everyone wants to learn Korean.

In recent news, Duolingo has made the decision to permanently close its language events platform. You can still find the details of some Duolingo hosts at the end of this article.

While this may disappoint language enthusiasts who enjoyed engaging with fellow learners, it shouldn’t discourage you from continuing your journey of learning Korean.

Mastering the Korean language brings forth a multitude of benefits that go beyond personal growth and can positively impact various aspects of your life.

Upcoming events & schedules of other languages.

Learning Korean will open up a new world for you all and bring many new opportunities. There are more than 80 million native Korean speakers. So dive into the world of this very special BTS language and surprise everyone.

Benefits of learning Korean in 2024

14 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Korean

Appreciating Culture and Heritage

Learning Korean provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich cultural heritage. Korea boasts a vibrant history, delectable cuisine, captivating music, and breathtaking landscapes.

By understanding the Korean language, you gain a deeper appreciation for its people and traditions. It allows independent exploration of Korean websites, literature, and media, enriching your cultural experience.

Expanding Career Prospects

In today’s globalized world, multilingualism is an invaluable asset in the job market. South Korea, as an economic powerhouse, offers ample career opportunities across different sectors.

Proficiency in Korean facilitates effective communication and fosters strong business relationships, making you an attractive candidate for companies with global reach.

Learning Korean gives you a competitive edge and opens doors to exciting professional prospects.

Enriched Travel Experiences

If you dream of exploring the beautiful cities and picturesque countryside of South Korea, learning Korean will greatly enhance your travel experiences.

It enables you to connect with locals, comprehend street signs, navigate public transportation, and indulge in authentic culinary delights. Speaking Korean fosters meaningful interactions, creating memorable moments and a deeper sense of immersion.

Personal Growth and Cognitive Benefits

Language learning is an exercise for the brain, and Korean is no exception. Studying the language enhances cognitive function, memory, and problem-solving skills.

It cultivates mental flexibility by training your brain to process different linguistic structures and patterns. Moreover, bilingualism has been associated with a reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.

Access to Korean Pop Culture

The global popularity of Korean pop culture, known as “Hallyu,” continues to soar. From K-pop music and K-dramas to movies and fashion, Korean entertainment captivates audiences worldwide.

Learning Korean allows you to fully immerse yourself in this cultural phenomenon. Understanding K-pop songs, appreciating the nuances in dramas, and connecting with fellow fans brings immense enjoyment and a deeper appreciation for Korean pop culture.

Below are some amazing Korean hosts who were on Duolingo and helped others learn this language:

1. Korean Speaking Class

Host: Jinee Kim

About: I am Korean teacher for non-Korean speakers. I love learning languages. I speak Chinese and English freely.

Event details: 

It is Korean speaking event for beginners. Speaking practice is prepared with one basic grammar combined with Korean & joiners’ culture. Event joiners will practice beginners’ level speaking focusing on the grammar theme of the day and learn Korean culture together. The event is for joiners who are familiar with 한글 reading.

About ten new words and one grammar lesson are added from every event. Connecting camera and voice during Zoom session is strongly suggested to get feedback about your speaking & pronunciation.

If you join the event for the first time, please review this YouTube channel and check the vocabulary and grammar of the past events. Upcoming events will not repeat the same content. Those grammar and vocabularies we used during the past events are repeatedly practiced through example sentences.

Video from her YouTube channel:

Schedule: Tuesday @ 12:00 AM & PM UTC

2. Beginners & Advanced level Korean practice

Host: 수빈 | Subin

About: Hello! I am a native Korean working in cancer cell research. I started hosting events on Duolingo to make Korean more accessible to people, which is why my events are open to as many people as possible.

Event details (Intermediate/Advanced):

Schedule: Saturday @ 10:30 AM UTC

This event requires you to have a Netflix account (sorry! ) and an access to Chrome extensions for us to be watch the show in sync. I highly recommend a stable network connection.

No minors allowed for this event.

Possible triggers on <소년심판>, so please make sure you are comfortable with watching it ahead of the time.

Note: Per usual, all language levels (including beginners) are welcome to sit in. There will be English subtitles. However, I will prioritize speaking in Korean to our intermediate and advanced speakers over explaining in English.

Summary: We will watch <소년심판> together and regroup on Zoom to talk about the episode. I will prepare a summary for each episodes that includes fun facts, words, and expressions that I think are useful. We will be using English subtitles for better accessibility, but all conversations will be in Korean as usual.

Learning Outcome: You will be able to learn advanced expressions and words in Korean, as well as social issues and cultural backgrounds

Event details (Beginner):

Schedule: Saturday @ 12:00 AM UTC

We will learn about how to describe personal feelings in Korean. I do not call on anyone without asking if you are comfortable speaking first, and webcams are not required. It will be fun. Large group will be divided into small groups and moved to breakout rooms on Zoom.

Topic: There are different expressions you need for describing where and how it hurts (related to pain). I would like you to be able to give basic descriptions of your pain in Korean in cases of emergency, so here is a special event!

Note: Topics may change every week.

Level: This event requires you to be able to read, speak and understand to 한글 and Korean at a beginner’s level. Being slow and making mistakes are completely fine, but this event is not recommended for “Super Beginners” who just began learning 한글.