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Practice Your Japanese Conversation Skills Together

Join our weekly online meetup for intermediate to advanced Japanese learners who want to improve conversational abilities in a supportive community setting.

Participants are split into small breakout room discussions focused on various topics – we announce each week’s topic ahead of the event.

Japanese Writing Systems – Learn Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji

This is your chance to have authentic conversations in Japanese!

Newcomers and beginner learners are also welcome to join as listeners and get a feel for the group.

Please note that this is not a formal class, but rather a conversational practice space to immerse yourself in Japanese and learn from peers. Be sure to read our tips document for maximizing your learning experience!

A few important details:

  • Arriving on time is crucial for the initial explanation and group organization. Unfortunately latecomers may not be accommodated, especially first-timers.
  • Actively participate to get the most out of our language practice meetup! Take this as an opportunity to try using the Japanese you’ve been studying.

Meet Your Host: Sara

My name is Sara! I am a musician that speaks both Japanese and English.

I love sharing languages.

I’ve enjoyed hosting these free events for Japanese learners.

Sara - Pep Talk Radio Japanese Language Host

Since this is a volunteer group event.

There may be a wide range of Japanese levels in the breakout rooms, but I believe all of us can learn from each other!

Tips to Get the Most from Our Japanese Conversation Event

Our online Japanese conversation event is designed to be a fun, relaxed setting to practice the language skills you’ve been building.

We want this to be a valuable learning experience, so here are tips to maximize your growth:

  • Prepare relevant vocabulary. Look up words related to the conversation topic in advance so you can express more ideas.
  • Take notes on new terms and phrases you hear from others. Jot them down and review after to reinforce your knowledge.
  • Ask questions and get clarification. If you don’t know a word, ask other participants for help – it’s great practice!
  • Speak as much Japanese as you can, mistakes and all! The goal is to get comfortable communicating. Accuracy comes later.
  • Identify phrases you wish you knew how to say. Make a note and look them up after the event to expand your abilities.
  • Most importantly, participate actively and have fun with it! Immersing yourself in the language is what will help you progress.

We’re looking forward to an engaging evening of cultural exchange and Japanese language immersion with you!

Let us know if you have any other questions! We’re here to help you get as much as possible from this Japanese language learning experience.

Weekly Japanese Discussion Topics

We’re so glad you found our little corner of the internet where we explore various aspects of Japanese language and culture together each week.

Let’s look at some of the specific topics we’ve covered and what’s coming up next!

Topics for recent and upcoming events

October 01, 2023: TBD
September 24, 2023:
Music & Podcasts
September 17, 2023:
Snacks, Candy, Desserts


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Find the Zoom link at the top of this page. You can join every Sunday as per schedule.

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