Practice Japanese with Sara

Weekly Online Japanese Conversation Event!


Intermediate and above

Sunday @9:00 PM GMT

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Please read the description of the event below.


Event Description

This is an online weekly meetup group for Japanese learners of intermediate to advance level who want to practice conversation skills with other like-minded people.

Participants will be split into breakout rooms, where you can discuss the topic of the week. Discussion topics vary by week and will be posted two days before the event.

Beginners or those who wants to see what the group is like can join as a listener.

Note: This is not a class, it is a space to practice the Japanese you know and learn from others in the class.

Other things that you should know:

It’s very important to arrive on time, as there is some explaining and organizing at the beginning. Late arrivals may not be accommodated especially newcomers.

This event is a conversation get-together and not a direct lesson. Please read the learning tips in the event document to get the most out of it.

My name is Sara! I am a musician that speaks both Japanese and English.

I love sharing languages.

I’ve enjoyed hosting these free events for Japanese learners.

Sara - Pep Talk Radio Japanese Language Host

Since this is a volunteer group event.

There may be a wide range of Japanese levels in the breakout rooms, but I believe all of us can learn from each other!

Tips for increasing learning through the event

This event is a conversation event to improve fluency, and practice the Japanese you’ve already learned in a real time environment! You can use this event to have a fun and relaxing conversation in Japanese. It is what you make of it so if you want an extra boost to your language skills, here are some tips.

  • Come prepared! If you prepare in advance and learn some new words related to the topic, you’ll gain extra vocabulary and skills.
  • Bring a notebook to write down new words and phrases. If you collect the words and make flashcards later it will be very useful.
  • Ask questions during the event if you don’t know how to say things in Japanese. Write down words in English you wish you knew how to say during the event so you can look it up later!
  • Remember to try to speak in Japanese as much as possible even if you make mistakes! The point is to focus on speaking and communication even if it’s not completely correct Japanese.


Please mention your name, email, and dates of all the events you want to RSVP for. It is mandatory to RSVP.

Find the Zoom link at the top of this page. You can join every Sunday at 9:00 PM GMT.

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