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Duration: 1 – 3 hours

Level: Lower intermediate and above

When: Sunday @ 6:00 PM GMT

Event Description

Welcome to our Russian speaking club. Let’s meet at an online event where you can improve your Russian language skills, meet people from all over the world, and tell everyone something interesting about yourself.

Every week we are going to discuss new topics such as food, sightseeing, pets, science and much more. Your suggestions are always welcomed. Please use the RSVP form at the bottom of this page to share any ideas or suggestions with us.

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Всем привет! Давайте встретимся на онлайн-мероприятии, где вы сможете улучшить свои навыки владения русским языком, связаться друг с другом и рассказать всем что-нибудь интересное о себе. На каждом мероприятии мы будем обсуждать интересные темы, которые дают нам возможность.

Kate, Pep Talk Radio Russian Language Host

Meet your host: Kate

Hey! My name is Kate, and I want to help you learn Russian and tell you about Russian culture.

I live in Ukraine, but my mother tongue is Russian (though my Ukrainian is also perfect).

I’m impressed by everyone who learns this complicated language. You are awesome, and you will succeed! I’m here to help you to destroy your linguistic barrier (if any) and start speaking freely in Russian.

I graduated from Maritime University and Finance University (where I got my dual master’s degrees), and a bit later I got a Ph.D. degree in engineering sciences.

Currently, I work as a specialist in the post-fixing department at an international shipping company. I’m currently improving my English, learning Spanish, and helping others with their Russian. I like drawing and I also love to travel when possible.

I hope you enjoy our friendly Russian meetings and that they become helpful for you.

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