Top 10 Romantic Korean Songs for Korean Language Learners

by | Sep 23, 2023 | Korean

Learning a new language can be difficult, but music is a great way to pick up vocabulary, improve listening comprehension, and get exposure to natural sentence structures.

Korean pop music, in particular, is not only catchy but filled with emotion that makes the lyrics stick. Immerse yourself in these Korean love songs, and you’ll not only understand more of the Korean language, but gain an appreciation for the artistry of Korean music.

Learn Korean Vocabulary and Grammar with 10 Beautiful Love Songs

The songs on this list cover a range of Korean music styles, from ballads to hip hop, so you’ll get a taste of different vocal deliveries as well. The videos include lyrics with English subtitles or translations for some songs too, so you can follow along with the meaning.

Beautiful - Crush

1. Beautiful – Crush

“Beautiful” is a mid-tempo R&B track from the singer Crush. Released in 2017, this song has a sweet melody filled with emotion. The lyrics are about finding beauty in an imperfect world whenever his love is near.

Some key phrases to listen for include “nae gaseumeul nohaejugo isseo” meaning “I can smile/laugh in my heart”, “han beon deutji mothae” meaning “I can’t turn away even once”, and “neomu yeoppeo gomawo” meaning “so beautiful, thank you”.

This track is fairly slow, so it’s easy to distinguish the words and practice listening comprehension. The repeated chorus is also great for picking out vocabulary.

The soothing sound of Crush’s voice and guitar accompaniment in “Beautiful” make it one of the most romantic Korean love songs out there.

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I Confess - SG Wannabe

2. I Confess – SG Wannabe

“I Confess” by SG Wannabe is a classic emotional ballad from 2015. This quartet has gorgeous harmonies that give the song a haunting quality. The lyrics express the sadness and struggle of holding feelings inside without being able to confess to the one you love.

Important phrases include “jarie sseojullae” meaning “I hope you’ll understand”, “dashi saranghallae” meaning “I will love again”, and “han shigan ddo dangshini” meaning “for just a moment, I miss you again”.

The melody builds throughout the song, climaxing with an explosive chorus perfect for singing along. “I Confess” is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings while exposing you to longing, poetic Korean.

Spring Day by BTS

3. Spring Day by BTS

The mega-hit “Spring Day” by BTS fuses pop and rock to convey the melancholy of missing a loved one. Released in 2017, this song broke records and gained immense popularity worldwide. The lyrics use the changing seasons as a metaphor for growing and moving forward from a sad parting.

Important vocabulary includes “bogoshipda” meaning “I miss you”, “dfolrinta” meaning “it’s painful”, and “ibi nalssi eolgulge” meaning “please stay by my side”.

While the chorus has some English words, most of the verses are in Korean. The balance of seven members singing creates interesting interplay.

You Are My Everything by Gummy

4. You Are My Everything by Gummy

“You Are My Everything” is a heartfelt ballad released by Gummy in 2016. Her smooth R&B style vocals convey the joy of a deep connection with a loved one.

Key vocabulary includes “neo hanaman saranghae” meaning “I love only you”, “modeungeol da julge” meaning “give me everything”, and “naui modeun geol neomaneul gatatdeon” meaning “everything of mine I entrusted only to you”.

Gummy’s emotional delivery allows the lyrics to shine. This mid-tempo song builds beautifully, making the chorus satisfying to sing along with.

Love Scenario by iKON

5. Love Scenario by iKON

“Love Scenario” is an upbeat hip hop track released by iKON in 2018. Despite the sad lyrics, the song has an infectious energy punctuated by rhythmic rapping.

The upbeat chorus provides a hook for memorization as you pick out the Korean syllables. Since hip hop speaks rhythmically, this song provides exposure to fast-paced vocal delivery in Korean. The lyrics even incorporate English words seamlessly, demonstrating code-switching patterns.

Through The Night by IU

6. Through The Night by IU

“Through The Night” is a moody ballad by IU released in 2017. Her delicate vocals express comforting a loved one through difficult times.

Key vocabulary includes “jimangeun” meaning “your heart”, “gwaenchanhe” meaning “it’s alright”, and “nae gyeote isseulge” meaning “stay by my side”. The simple acoustic guitar complements IU’s vocal tone beautifully.

IU wrote the lyrics herself, making this an authentic resource for Korean grammar and sentimental expressions. She uses vivid imagery to capture complex emotions. For exposure to natural Korean conveying feeling, “Through The Night” is a great pick.

Every Day, Every Moment by Paul Kim

7. Every Day, Every Moment by Paul Kim

“Every Day, Every Moment” is a pop ballad by Paul Kim released in 2018. The lyrics sweetly express wanting to share everyday life with a loved one.

Key vocabulary includes “haru haru” meaning “day by day”, “jamkkanman” meaning “just a moment”, and “hamkkehalgeora” meaning “I want to be together”.

Paul Kim’s smooth vocals glide over acoustic guitar, making the chorus easy to sing along to. The versatility of his tone also helps convey the lyrical nuances.

Don’t Know You by Heize

8. Don’t Know You by Heize

“Don’t Know You” is an R&B song by Heize released in 2017. The lyrics reflect on how strangers can connect deeply through music.

Key Korean phrases include “geu sori nal deryeowatdun gon” meaning “that voice shakes me up”, “uri dulmanui nao” meaning “our secret signal”, and “neol wihae gadeutkkaji” meaning “until the day I see you”.

Heize’s emotive vocals paired with a simple piano melody create an intimate vibe. Her unique vocal tone colors the Korean phrases beautifully.

Love Story by Lyn

9. Love Story by Lyn

“Love Story” is a pop ballad sung by Lyn in 2016. It tells the heartfelt narrative of a fated love.

Key vocabulary includes “banjongil” meaning “late at night”, “nunmuri heureuneun geol almyeonseo” meaning “I could tell from your falling tears”, and “sesangeseo gajang yepun iyagi” meaning “the most beautiful story in the world”.

Lyn’s explosive vocals allow the emotion to soar during the choruses. The storytelling nature also makes this song engaging for listening practice.

Last Dance by BIGBANG

10. Last Dance by BIGBANG

“Last Dance” is a hip hop influenced pop song released by BIGBANG in 2016. The lyrics reflect on a love coming to an end and wanting one last dance together.

Key vocabulary includes “achimi wado” meaning “even while we’re hurt”, “haruga machi” meaning “day by day”, and “magi gieokae” meaning “final memories”.

BIGBANG’s smooth vocals paired with emotional rap verses bring the lyric to life. The changes between fast and slow sections provide great listening contrasts. For hip hop style Korean listening practice, “Last Dance” hits all the right notes.

Bonus Korean Songs

We know only 10 songs aren’t enough for Korean music lovers, so here are some more bonus tracks to further boost your language learning!

Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang

Bonus#1: Eyes, Nose, Lips – Taeyang

“Eyes, Nose, Lips” is a moody R&B song from Taeyang’s 2014 album. The lyrics are a painful recounting of memories after a breakup.

The slow, introspective nature makes it easy to distinguish vocabulary words. This song highlights creativity in Korean lyricism, with poetic devices like rhyme and repetition.

All of My Life – Park Won

Bonus#2: All of My Life – Park Won

“All of My Life” is a pop ballad by soloist Park Won released in 2017. The song starts softly as Park Won croons gently over a piano. The lyrics express promising devotion and love for all time.

Beautiful Goodbye – Chen

Bonus#3: Beautiful Goodbye – Chen

“Beautiful Goodbye” is a rock ballad released by Chen in 2019. As a member of EXO, Chen is lauded for his vocals conveying emotion. This song swells beautifully as Chen sings about the pain of letting go.


Learning Korean vocabulary and pronunciation through music is an effective and engaging method. Korean artists deliver emotional lyrics with artistic vocals, making their songs stick in your head while improving listening skills.

These 10 Korean love songs showcase a wide range of music styles, vocabulary, and vocal techniques. Immersing yourself in these ballads, pop songs, R&B, and hip hop tracks will not only have you singing along in Korean, but feeling the heart and soul of the language.

Enjoy listening to these songs over and over, and watch your Korean language skills blossom.