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Level: Beginners and above

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Class Description

Anna teaches two Esperanto courses at different levels.

If you’re following the Duolingo Esperanto course, and need some help with Esperanto grammar, Anna’s Saturday classes are the best option for you. Her Monday classes are suitable for advanced Esperanto speakers.

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The London Esperanto Club offers a range of courses at different levels from total beginners to advanced.

Anna has been teaching Esperanto for over 20 years in evening classes and during conferences.

For me Esperanto is also the language of love. I met my husband at an Esperanto congress, and it’s the language we’ve been using at home ever since. – Anna Lowenstein


Anna Lowenstein, Pep Talk Radio Esperanto Language Teacher

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Esperanto Courses

The classes are free, but please consider making a one-time donation of 6 euros or $7 to support the running costs.

Anna started learning Esperanto when she was 13 years old. She is the editor of the website uea.facila which is aimed at people who are learning the language. She has also written several novels in Esperanto (La Ŝtona Urbo, Morto de artisto, La teorio Nakamura).

She was elected the Esperantist of the Year in December, 2019.

What is Esperanto and Why Learn It?

Chances are you’ve never heard of the constructed language called Esperanto. Created in 1887 by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, this “international language” was designed to be simple to learn yet capable of expressing complex ideas.

Unlike confusing ethnic languages, Esperanto has a completely regular 16-rule grammar system using word roots from multiple languages. This structure makes Esperanto far easier to master than tongues like English or Mandarin.

But easier to learn doesn’t mean limited. Works of literature, music, and academic publications around the world are produced in Esperanto. It’s a rich, expressive language spoken by thousands globally as a common secondary language.

So why should you consider learning Esperanto?

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Structured and straightforward grammar – no frustrating exceptions or complex rules to memorize. Esperanto is designed for simplicity.
  • Bridges communication gaps between people of different native languages and cultures. Esperanto’s purpose is to serve as a universal second language.
  • Opens the door to an established international community. Esperanto has active speakers and organizations on every continent!
  • Enhances other language learning abilities. Studies show studying Esperanto first accelerates learning additional languages.
  • Cognitive benefits from becoming bilingual while avoiding common second language difficulties.
  • Cultural exchange and friendship. Esperantists share the common bond of a language superseding their origins.

Our Fun, Immersive Esperanto Events

Once you understand the appeal of this unique “bridge language,” it’s time to start learning! Our Esperanto events make it an engaging, collective experience.

Small group conversations with fellow Esperanto learners and expert speakers gives you a chance to practice the language in a casual setting. 

Led by experienced Esperanto teachers, these events utilize proven techniques tailored to the language’s strengths. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your abilities grow through regular collaborative practice.

Join the Worldwide Esperanto Community

Are you ready to discover the joys of conversing in mankind’s first intentionally-created language? Learning Esperanto opens up a worldwide community and provides a “passport” to bridge cultural barriers everywhere.

Dive into our immersive events to quickly gain fluency and make global connections. The future of this vibrant language is bright, especially with dedicated new speakers like you!