Master the Korean Language with these 14 Top YouTube Channels

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Korean

Learning a new language can be tough, but thankfully the internet makes it easier than ever to find great resources. YouTube in particular has tons of awesome channels that offer free Korean lessons and content for Korean learners.

Here are 14 of the best YouTube channels to check out if you’re learning Korean.

Whether you’re a complete beginner starting with the Korean alphabet or an advanced student brushing up on vocabulary, these YouTube channels will have what you need to progress.

1. Talk To Me In Korean

With over 1.5 million subscribers, this is one of the most popular Korean learning channels on YouTube. Hosted by a husband and wife team, it offers very clear explanations of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

They go step-by-step through everything from the Korean alphabet to intermediate level conversations.

2. Learn Korean with

This channel provides short 5-10 minute video lessons covering vocabulary, grammar, culture, and more. Their fast-paced tutorial style is great for beginners looking for a quick overview.

The channel also has longer lessons and Q&A videos to help reinforce concepts.

Korean Dining Vocabulary for Beginners: Essential Phrases & Tips

3. Prof. Yoon’s Korean Language Class

Taught by a Korean language professor, this channel has full lectures and lessons similar to what you’d get in a university class. The lessons are very thorough with lots of examples.

It may be a bit advanced for complete beginners, but great for refreshing concepts.

4. GO! Billy Korean

Billy is a funny and engaging English teacher living in Korea. He explains the intricacies of the Korean language in a simple and easy to grasp manner. His videos cover pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar in a conversational tone.

5. Korean with Miss Vicky

Miss Vicky is a passionate Korean teacher with a talent for breaking down complex ideas into simple lessons. Her videos focus a lot on conversational Korean.

6. Korean Unnie

Hosted by a bubbly Korean girl named Luna, this channel makes learning feel fun and natural. She does skits, songs, interviews and games all in Korean to help you practice listening. The focus is more on practical conversation skills.

7. Learn Real Korean

The teacher here structures lessons similar to a textbook, going systematically through each point and concept with easy to follow graphics. The pace is slower and methodical.

8. A Piece Of Korean

This channel helps you learn Korean vocabulary one piece at a time. Short 2-5 minute videos highlight individual words, sample sentences, and usage tips.

9. Just Korean

As the name says, this no-frills channel is just focused on teaching Korean. The instructor goes through grammar, reading, writing, and listening skills in detail.

10. Hailey – Your Korean Friend

Hailey makes learning feel like chatting with a friend. She keeps lessons casual while covering the building blocks of Korean speaking, listening, and vocab.

11. Alpha Korean Class

Taught by a native Korean, Alpha Korean has full-length classroom style lessons on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. The teaching style is very thorough and geared towards intermediate learners.

12. Jenn from KOREA

Jenn is a friendly teacher who makes learning Korean vocabulary, phrases and grammar approachable with her casual teaching style. She covers practical conversations and daily life situations.

13. King Sejong Institute Foundation

This channel provides full Korean language courses from the well-known King Sejong Institute. The lessons are thorough and geared towards intermediate learners.

14. Korean Jream

This channel features two native Korean hosts who make lessons lively and engaging. They cover everything from Korean etiquette to job interviews and slang words.

With native teachers, well-structured lessons, and a wide range of teaching methods, these YouTube channels allow learners to immerse themselves in the Korean language anytime and anywhere.

With this diverse range of YouTube channels, anyone wanting to master the Korean language can find engaging lessons that fit their learning style and needs.

Whether you prefer quick vocab reviews, casual conversations, or structured courses, there are so many excellent free resources out there. Give a few different channels a try to see which one resonates best with you!