"The art of conversation lies in listening." – Malcom Forbes

Benefits of Listening Comprehension Practice

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People have always underestimated the power of listening and given too much importance to speaking. Everyone wants to learn how to speak but they fail to understand that unless you learn to listen, you can never be good at speaking.

Learning to listen may not be easy. Out in the real world, even familiar vocabulary can sound confusing in someone else’s mouth. The same English language can sound completely different depending on where the speaker is from. Someone from the USA may have hard time understanding native English speakers from some parts of the UK or Australia.

10 Essential Principles for Effective Language Learning

7 proven ways to improve your listening skills in 2023

  1. Always make sure to maintain eye contact with the speaker. You’ll look more confident and also your brain will be active enough to receive the messages.
  2. Keep a very open mind. Do not make perception about the speaker or focus on unnecessary details. The more focused and attentive YOU will be, the more ready your ears will be to listen.
  3. Do not keep thinking about what your reply would be. You can take time and think of a proper reply once you have listened and understood.
  4. Watch TV series in your target language. Prefer drama over action, as drama will have more natural conversation.
  5. Watch documentaries, News & cooking shows.
  6. Do not use subtitles, as you’ll then just be reading. Train your ears to naturally listen and understand.
  7. Join online language groups to practice.

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s advice on how to be a good listener:

9 Benefits & Values of good listening skills

  • You will have better understanding of the conversation.
  • You’ll be able to handle the situation effectively.
  • You’ll be able to give better responses.
  • You’ll become a better communicator or speaker.
  • Your vocabulary will improve.
  • You’ll suggestions will be valued, as you wouldn’t look like someone who just keeps speaking without understanding.
  • You’ll gather more information and learn more.
  • You’ll look curious and people would want to speak and share with you.
  • Your relationships with people around you will improve.

The power of listening by William Ury: