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Level: Lower intermediate and above

When: Friday @ 1:30 AM GMT

Multiple free & paid events everyday (3rd party events)

Event Description

Olà gente! Join us on Zoom to practice your Portuguese, meet new people, and put all your Portuguese skills to the test!

Every week we’ll discuss different topics such as food, travel, current affairs, science, technology and much more. Your suggestions are always welcomed. Please use the RSVP form at the bottom of this page to share any ideas or suggestions with us.

Join our Telegram group for more information and future updates: https://t.me/peptalkradio (or, search for Pep Talk Radio in Telegram)

Vamos “jogar conversa fora” e treinar a conversação em Português. Vamos, também, conhecer os interesses de cada um para a criação de futuros eventos.

A cada semana eu irei trazer uma atividade ou tópico para discussão em português.

Alfonso, Pep Talk Radio Portuguese Language Host

Meet your host: Alfonso

Hey! My name is Alfonso, and I want to help you improve your Portuguese conversational skills.

I’m a Mexican who loves languages. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Looking forward to see you!

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