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Esperanto has always been a very interesting language to learn. People around the world have always been curious about this unique and simple language.

The beauty of Esperanto lies in its simplicity. It’s structure, vocabulary, grammar, phonetics and everything about Esperanto is easier than most languages.

If you have also been thinking of learning this amazing language and if you’re not sure where to start, then look no further than these online Esperanto events. You can join them, listen to them and decide if you should invest your time into this or not.

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Esperanto enthusiasts do not just learn this language to get a job, but many people also want to keep this language alive and grow the Esperanto family. Moreover, this won’t take years to learn, so if you can speak even the basic Esperanto, you can brag about it in front of your friends.

Below are some useful Duolingo events that you can check out: 

1. Esperanto Coffee Club / Kafeja kunveno:

Host: Randy Ream

About: I’m an Esperanto speaker and excited to host Esperanto events in Chicago! (Now Online)

Event details: Join our “Kafeja Kunveno” Coffee Club. We will have participants of all levels join the call – so if you are a “Komencanto” you should feel “Bonvena”.

Remember, “Esperantistoj estas mojosaj!”

We usually don’t have a formal topic, but we always have an enjoyable conversation with people from all over the world.

Learn some Esperanto phrases: 1. Mi estas komencanto (I am a beginner) 2. Mi nur volas aŭskulti ( I just want to listen) 3. Mi bonfartas ( I am well)


Sunday @ 02:00 PM UTC

Tuesday & Friday @ 12:30 AM UTC

2. Viktoria Kafejo de ideoj esplorindaj:

Host: Andy Blair

About: I am an Esperanto community choreographer in Canada, learning Esperanto myself and excited to meet people from around the world.

Event Details: 

Saturday: Join our friendly and informal Victoria, BC, Canada Esperanto conversation circle. Participants from anywhere who can speak some Esperanto are welcome. Bring your ideas! Every week the host will present a topic to spark discussion, but conversations are open and often wide-ranging.

Sunday: Try out your new EO-skills at Esperanto ‘Conversation for Beginners’. Everyone is welcome to this informal chat! Experienced EO-speakers will attend but beginners and learners will be central. We will speak in Esperanto and (when necessary) English.


Saturday @ 04:00 PM UTC

Sunday @ 03:00 PM & 05:00 PM UTC

3. Esperanto course for beginners!

Host: Anthony

About: I’m an Esperanto speaker and excited to host online Esperanto events. Everybody is welcome.

Event Details: We’re offering weekly online courses for beginners. If you’d like to start learning Esperanto, or if you’ve already done a little by yourself but haven’t had the chance to speak the language out loud, this course is for you.

The number of participants is limited to 15.

This course is intended for English speakers or for people with a good knowledge of English. During the lessons we aim to use Esperanto, but grammatical explanations are in English.


Tuesday @ 05:30 PM UTC

Wednesday @ 12:00 AM UTC

4. Esperanto conversations – “Ĝis la fina venko!”

Host: Rodrigo Esperanto Natal

About: Hi. I’m organizing the Natal Polyglot Club and I’m the president of Potiguar Esperanto Association.

Event Details: 

Let’s practice Esperanto with amazing esperantists from different countries!

Ĉiuj estos bonvenaj! Ne gravas vian parolkapablon.

Dankegon al ĉiuj!


Wednesday @ 10 PM UTC

5. Esperanto ONLINE in Massachusetts

Host: David Wolff

About: I’ve been an Esperantist for many years, ex President (Prezidanto) of EsperantoUSA. I enjoy helping beginners learn and become comfortable!

Event details: Join us for a casual social gathering online via Zoom to practice your Esperanto conversation skills with a group of local learners. We’ll see you there at 7 PM Eastern time (US). Everyone is welcome regardless of your skill level! It’s free!


Wednesday @ 11 PM UTC

Hope you find the right motivation to learn Esperanto!

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