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Duolingo Classes & Events Alternatives

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Duolingo

Duolingo left thousands of language learners in shock with the announcement of retiring the classes and events. Not only the learners but hundreds of amazing hosts and language teachers are also feeling disappointed.

While many hosts and learners are showing their anger on different social media platforms, some are also trying to create or find the alternatives.

Without a doubt it was one of the best and the cleanest platforms to meet native speakers of many different languages. All the hosts and teachers were super enthusiastic and keen towards helping and learning new languages.

We all are definitely going to miss this amazing platform and talk about it for years. Any language related conversation will not be complete without the mention of Duolingo Classes.

We have put together a list of some great free and paid alternatives to Duolingo to help you all continue your language learning or teaching journey.

1. Eventbrite:


Eventbrite is a great platform to start after the end of Duolingo classes. It’s absolutely free to host or join free events. If you’re a host or teacher who hosts paid events, then you’d have to pay them a commission on the tickets sold.

Every year more than 200 million free and paid tickets are sold on eventbrite.

2. Meetup:


Meetup is one of the most famous platforms to organize or find different kinds of activities and events.

Meetup is mostly a paid platform, but you can find some amazing quality language groups to join.

3. DownToMeet:


DownToMeet is relatively a new platform with a small userbase. But it definitely has the potential to grow and attract more hosts and users.

Its interface is very clean and easy to use. DownToMeet offers tons of features for free to organize any kinds of events.

Free version: They will show ads to the visitors and you can use all the features of their premium package.

Premium version: $9.99/month for groups 1 to 100 members and $14.99/month for groups larger than 100 members (paid annually).

4. Free4Talk:


This is a platform which is not very beneficial for the hosts but is a great tool to use for the learners.

There’re multiple free groups to join to practice speaking in many different languages.

5. italki:


italki is a platform best suitable for professional language teachers.

All the classes and sessions are paid for the students.

6. My Language Exchange:


A community of over 3 million language enthusiast. As the name suggests, it’s a platform to meet people, make friends and exchange languages.

7. Polyglot Club:


Polyglot Club is yet another free language exchange platform with over a million users.


  • Facebook events & groups
  • LinkedIn events
  • YouTube
  • Discord channels
  • Telegram groups
  • Tandem
  • HelloTalk
  • Bilingua

We hope that you can find the best platform that suits your needs and help you learn your target language faster.