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Danish for Beginners – Lansdowne Library Events

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Event Description

Danish beginners unite online! This friendly group will focus on pronunciation. The organizers will have the content ready for each session, but we welcome questions and suggestions for future content.

For this online event, attendees may wish to prepare a brief introduction.

Our friend May, a native Danish speaker, is kind enough to join us frequently, and help us out with pronunciation and other elements of Danish. We are very fortunate and grateful for May’s participation and help – tusind tak, Maj-Britt!

We will work on pronunciation, reading, and light conversations. Can’t produce a sentence yet? Join us, we’ll get you started! These sessions follow a 10 session cycle. Attendees are welcome to jump in at any point, and to continue attending after completing a cycle.

Bill will be supporting Laurie as co-host. He started his Scandinavian studies with Danish, and now speaks Norwegian and Swedish but as a speaker in Danish, he is in many ways a beginner – just like you. Vi ses!

PS: Relax, and be ready to listen closely to pronunciations and repeat.

Host: Bill Paterson (Director – Lansdowne Public Library)

Co-hosts: May & Laurie

Schedule: Tuedays @ 5:00 PM UTC  Venue: Duolingo