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French Phonetics & Rhythm Practice

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Event Description

This is a French phonetic event for beginners to read and speak in good rhythm like the French native speakers. In this series of events, you can learn or revise French phonetics, pronunciation and rhythms.

There is a lesson each week to cover different aspect of phonetics. Each lesson we will have listening and speaking practice. With this course you will improve your reading and speaking skills in French.


  • 5 min – 5 Greetings & Introduction
  • 35 min – Phonetics & Rhythm Exercises
  • 5 min – Question & Feedback Session

Schedule (Time: 09:05 PM UTC):

  • Part1: The Rhythm (24 Mar, 2022)
  • Week 07: Rhythm synthesis (31 Mar, 2022)
  • Part2: Music and intonation (06 Apr, 2022)
  • Week 08: Voice rising in questions (13 Apr, 2022)
  • Week 09: The descent of the voice at the end of sentences (20 Apr, 2022)
  • Week 10: The rise of the voice when the sentence is not finished (27 Apr, 2022)
  • Week 11: rhythmic and melodic synthesis (4 May, 2022)

Important Information:

Lesson duration is 45 minutes minimum and can be extended to 55 minutes maximum to cover all materials.

Each lesson of the Series can also be taken separately if you are advanced beginner.

Please be on time. If you’re late, you may not be able to join as the Zoom meeting will get locked.

Host: Siril  Venue: Duolingo

Some tips and tricks to improve your French accent and Pronunciation:

  • Twist the tongue – Practice mastering the tongue twister at lest 10 – 15 minutes everyday.
  • Learn the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).
  • Listen, listen, listen! You need to listen to everything in French to train your ears.
  • Fake the accent – fake it until you make it!
  • Imitate the news anchor or your favorite actors.
  • Find a language exchange partner to practice with.
  • Perfect your vowel sounds.
  • Read out loud and record yourself – hear and keep correcting yourself.
  • Visit a French speaking country and spend sometime with locals.

Watch the video to improve French accent with Phonetics