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First, introduce your pet, or if you don’t have a pet, share your favorite animal, or talk about a pet you’ve had in the past.

Always try and ask for more details during the event!

You can use this phrase to ask why? なぜですか?(naze desu ka?) why is that?

This may take some preparation but try to be as detailed as possible. Share a picture or join the event with your pet if you’d like. How old are they, when did you adopt the pet, quirks they have, what foods they like to eat. If you don’t have a pet, talk about your favorite animal and why that animal is your favorite.

For those with pets:

ペットを紹介してください。- Petto o shoukai shite kudasai. – Please introduce your pet.

For those without pets:

一番好きな動物は何ですか? –  Ichiban suki na doubutsu wa nandesuka? – What is your favorite animal?

Other Discussion questions :

This list may look like a lot but just use it as a cheat sheet when you don’t know what questions to ask! Otherwise it’s encouraged to just have natural conversations.

動物は好きですか?- Doubutsu wa suki desuka? – Do you like animals?

嫌いな動物は何ですか?- Kirai na doubutsu wa nandesuka? – Which animal do you dislike?

子供の頃ペットを飼っていましたか? – Kodomo no koro petto o katte imashitaka? – Did you have pets when you were a child? (if so what were they)

爬虫類は好きですか? – Hachuurui wa suki desuka? – Do you like reptiles?

動物園は好きですか?- Doubutsuen wa suki desuka? – Do you like zoos? 

動物に噛まれたことはありますか? – Doubutsu ni kamareta koto wa arimasuka? – Have you ever been bitten by an animal?

昆虫は好きですか?- Konchuu wa suki desuka? – Do you like bugs?

馬に乗ったことはありますか?- Uma ni notta koto wa arimasuka? – Have you ever ridden a horse?

一番見てみたい動物は何ですか?- Ichiban mite mitai doubutsu wa nandesuka? – What is an animal you’d like to see someday?

一番怖い動物は何だと思いますか? – Ichiban kowai doubutsu wa nandato omoimasuka? – What do you think is the scariest animal?

一番美しい動物は何だと思いますか? – Ichiban utsukushii doubutsu wa nandato omoimasu ka? – What do you think is the most beautiful animal?

一番賢い動物は何だと思いますか? – Ichiban kashikoi doubutsu wa nandato omoi masuka? – What do you think is the smartest animal?

自分を動物に例えるなら、何の動物ですか?- Jibun o doubutsu ni tatoeru nara, nan no doubutsu desuka? – If you were to describe yourself as an animal, which would you choose?

___さんの国ではどんなペットが人気ですか? – ______ san no kuni de wa donna petto ga ninki desuka? – Which pets are popular in your country?

犬と猫どっちが好きですか? – Inu to neko docchi ga suki desuka? – Do you prefer dogs or cats?

____さんの国にはどんな特別な動物がいますか?- ____san no kuni ni wa donna tokubetsu na doubutsu ga imasuka? – What kinds of special animals are there in your country?

_______さんの国には毒をもつ動物はいますか? – ______ san no kuni ni wa doku o motsu doubutsu wa imasuka? – Do you have animals that are poisonous in your country?

ペットを飼ってみたいですか?- Petto o katte mitai desu ka? – Do you want a pet someday?


飼い主 – Kainushi – Pet owner

飼う – Kau – To take care of an animal

動物 – Doubutsu – animal

ペット – Petto – pet

愛犬 – Aiken – Beloved dog

Special types of Japanese animals/pets:

三毛猫 – Mikeneko – Three colored cat

柴犬 – Shiba inu – Shiba dog

秋田犬 – Akitaken – Akita dog

タヌキ – Tanuki – Japanese raccoon dog

ニホンザル – nihon zaru – Japanese macaque

Some types of animals:

爬虫類 – Hachuurui – Reptiles

昆虫 – Konchuu – Insects

哺乳類 – Honyuurui – Mammals