“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” – Johnny Depp

John Mpamei – The Voice of Manipur, India

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Since the age of six Mpamei has been attached to music and was mainly influenced by his father who was a music enthusiast. His father bought him a keyboard and a guitar and since then he’s been into music.

Mpamei’s musical journey started when he was only 13 and soon became a known solo artist from Manipur, India.

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He lived in Dubai until 2013 and in the same year he performed on the stage of hard Rock Cafe in Delhi with a full band. Mpamei, is a violinist, vocalist, drummer and keyboardist. He worked at a music equipment store in Dubai for three years, and after that in 2014 he released his first solo single “Far Away“.

And then later he released two more amazing songs “Cry by John Mpamei” and “From Now and Always”.

Mpamei mostly writes about his day to day life and the incidents that take place around him. He’s been greatly influenced by Coldplay and loved their lyrics.

He is now based in New Delhi and considered as one the greatest musicians from North East India.

Mpamei is also an amazing music teacher and mentors of many students.

Quotes by John Mpamei:

“There are times when you are distracted but I just look forward and I just dream big.”

“Learning to ignore certain things and focusing on something productive makes me happy.”

“Personal happiness is the most important obligation most people forget, but I don’t take light of this important pursuit in life.”

“We all are gifted with music.”

“All we need is discipline, believing in ourselves and not giving up easily.”

“Another important thing we need to know is “melody.” Melody in music is what draws people to the music.”

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