Read My Honest Review of Threads App: A Disappointing Experience

by | Jul 8, 2023 | Technology

I am writing this review based on my extensive usage of Threads, an Instagram app, for a period of two days. Allow me to elaborate on the reasons why this particular application left me feeling disappointed.

In the world of social media, new apps are constantly being introduced, each promising a unique experience and features that set them apart from the rest. One such app is Threads, developed by the team of Instagram. But the first question that comes to mind is why did they come up with this app? And is there really a need for yet another app that does what many others already do?

I was also expecting Meta to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into this new App and bring some innovative ideas. But there was nothing new at all.

After using Threads for two days, I can confidently say that I am far from happy with it. In fact, my overall impression is that it’s a complete waste of time and a rather useless app.

One of the major drawbacks of Threads is its lack of an option to see only the posts shared by people you follow. This means that your feeds get cluttered with junk posts shared by people you have no connection or interest in.

It’s frustrating to scroll through irrelevant content, making the app feel more like a chore than an enjoyable experience. Additionally, the app displays posts in different languages as well, further deterring users from engaging with their feeds.

Moreover, Threads heavily favors existing Instagram influencers. Thanks to Meta’s decision to allow users to follow everyone they’re already following on Instagram, Threads becomes an exclusive platform for these influencers to showcase their posts.

As a result, the app seems to cater solely to this select group, leaving little space for users who do not already have much followers or who are not already on Instagram. Essentially, Meta created an app for their own influencers, limiting its accessibility to the broader audience.

Another peculiar aspect of Threads is the inability to delete your account. This restriction feels restrictive and leaves users feeling trapped within the app. It’s important for users to have control over their accounts, and the inability to delete it contradicts that principle.

Furthermore, Threads severely lacks search functionality. The only thing you can search for is specific people or accounts, meaning you cannot search for any specific topic or information.

This limitation leaves users wondering what exactly normal people are supposed to do on this app. Reading posts shared by unknown individuals who don’t interest you becomes the only viable option, greatly diminishing its appeal.

In conclusion, my two-day experience with Threads has left me thoroughly unimpressed. The app fails to address key user concerns such as personalized feeds, language preferences, and search functionality.

Instead, it appears to be designed primarily for Instagram influencers, alienating those not already on the platform. With its lack of value and limited features, Threads proves to be a disappointing addition to the social media landscape.