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French Grammar for Advanced Beginner

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Event Description

This is a series of Events to help you get better at French Grammar through simple Grammar exercises. We will cover simple grammar basic with 5 to 8 associated exercises.

You need to be after checkpoint 2 in Duolingo (End A1, Beginning A2 ) to be able to follow this lesson.

The first to arrive will be the first to participate.
We will add a number in front of your name as your speaking order number.
You will be renamed as “Number-Name” on Zoom.

French Phonetics & Pronunciation


  • 5 min – Welcome & new participants introduction
  • 20 min – Text, Grammar related Questions on the Text follow by Simple Grammar Rules
  • 5 min – Announcement
  • 30 min – Exercises
  • 5 min – Questions and Direct Feedbacks

Lessons schedule (Time: 1:00 PM UTC):

  • 6th Apr, 2022 –  Quels pronoms interrogatifs choisir? qui ? quand ? où ? quoi ? comment ? pourquoi ? combien ?
  • 13th Apr, 2022 –  Les adjectifs et les pronoms interrogatifs quel(s), quelle(s), lequel, laquelle et lesquel(le)s
  • 20th Apr, 2022 –  Comment transformer un dialogue au discours indirect? il dit que… il me demande où…
  • 27th Apr, 2022 –  Quels articulateurs logiques pour exprimer la cause, la conséquence, l’opposition, le but ? parce que, donc, pour, mais…
  • 4th May, 2022 –  Comment exprimer la condition? si tu veux, s’il y a…

How to prepare:

Bring a notepad, a pen & a smile.

Prepare a self-introduction in French: Your first time in one of my events? You will have 1 minute to introduce yourself.

Be on time: BE PUNCTUAL! Zoom is opened 8 minutes before Start Time & closed 8 minutes after Start Time or earlier if more than 40 participants are already in.

This is not a Conversation Event.  Lessons will be conducted in French

Host: Siril (for Cyril) Venue: Duolingo