Month: July 2023

How to Travel Abroad Without Knowing the Local Language

You’re planning an amazing trip abroad, but there’s just one catch – you don’t speak the local language! Even while it could appear frightening, don’t allow fear keep you from experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. Even if you don’t speak the language well, you may still have a fantastic time abroad with the appropriate mindset and preparation. I’ll go over all you need to know to navigate the city easily, mingle with the locals, and take in all the incredible sights, sounds, and sensations – despite the language barrier. With these tips, you’ll be equipped for an unforgettable...

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7 Reasons Why Learning a New Language Won’t Get You a Job

In today’s globalized world, learning another language can seem like it will improve your career options. But just having language skills by themselves is rarely enough to get hired for most jobs. Content Can I Get a Job If I Learn a Foreign Language? Integrate Language Skills with Other Qualifications Keep Learning Languages for Personal Growth Key Takeaways Can I get a job if I learn a foreign language? While languages are great to learn, employers also look for specific skills, experience and expertise related to the role. Here’s a realistic look at why language abilities alone usually don’t...

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How to Quit Escapism and Make the Most of Your Weekends

The weekends can be a precious time to relax and recharge, but they also present an opportunity to make progress on important goals. Rather than just escaping our normal routines, we can use weekends strategically to build the life we aspire to. Content The Problem with Escapism How to Stop Wasting Weekends and Start Using Them Key Benefits of a Builder Mindset on Weekends How to Build the Right Things in Your Limited Free Time Common Escapist Behaviors to Limit on Weekends Build Through Better Time Management Ideas for Weekend Building Projects Maintaining Consistency to Prevent Backsliding Conclusion The...

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How I Improved My Spanish By Not Obsessing Over Grammar

Learning a new language can be pretty frustrating and hard sometimes. Especially when you have to memorize a ton of grammar rules. I started enjoying Spanish a lot more once I changed my approach. My Early Attempts at Learning Spanish I’ve always been fascinated by languages, so when I decided to pick up Spanish a few years ago, I dove in enthusiastically. I started out strong – I printed out verb conjugation charts, made flashcards for vocabulary lists, and even bought a huge textbook on Spanish grammar. Armed with all these materials, I tried to tackle Spanish in an...

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The Risk of Claude 2 AI: Fabricated Answers and Hallucination

As an avid language learner, I’m always on the lookout for informative documentaries that can help improve my language skills. So I decided to ask Claude 2, Anthropic’s latest AI chatbot assistant, for some recommendations. Just days ago I wrote a positive Claude 2 review. But today’s experience of it fabricating convincing responses with false details revealed concerning risks of AI chatbots spreading misinformation. My Concerning Experience of Claude 2 Fabricating False Documentaries Given Claude 2’s reputation for advanced conversational abilities, I assumed it would provide me with useful suggestions for language learning documentaries. However, what ensued was a...

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11 Top TED Talks by Linguists and Polyglots for Learning a Language

Learning a new language unlocks new perspectives, opportunities, and connections. Finding quality engaging content can greatly boost your learning journey. TED talks offer informative and inspiring talks on every topic, including effective language learning techniques. Below are 11 fantastic TED talks to support your language mastery. 1. How languages shape the way we think In this fascinating talk, linguist Lera Boroditsky explores how the languages we speak shape the way we see the world. She discusses studies showing how different languages influence their speakers’ perception of time, space, objects and more. Key insights: Languages shape how we perceive objects,...

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