Month: April 2022

French Pronunciation, Phonetics & Rhythm Practice

Learning a new language requires a deep understanding of phonetics and rhythm to properly pronounce words and communicate effectively. In the case of the French language, mastering its unique phonetic system and rhythmic patterns is crucial for achieving fluency and sounding like a native speaker. Content The Significance of French Phonetics Vowels and Consonants Nasal Vowels Liaisons Rhythm and Stress Common Pronunciation Challenges Practical Tips for Improvement Videos Part 1 – French Accent w/ Phonetics Part 2 – Liaisons Part 3 – La Chute du E Conclusion 10 Better Ways to Learn French Vocabulary Without Boring Lists This article...

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French Grammar for Advanced Beginners

Among the many aspects of language learning, grammar holds a crucial place as it forms the backbone of effective communication. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into French grammar, providing you with valuable insights and strategies to make your learning experience enjoyable and accessible across all age groups. French Phonetics & Pronunciation  The Importance of French Grammar Grammar serves as the framework that enables us to express our ideas clearly and accurately. Understanding French grammar is essential for constructing sentences, conjugating verbs, and creating meaningful conversations. By mastering French grammar, learners gain the ability to comprehend written texts,...

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Rules, Guidelines, & Topics for Weekly Debate

“Don't raise your voice, improve your argument." — Benjamin Lee Whorf Is debate and argument same? This has always been a very tricky question to answer. While they aren’t the same, there aren’t much difference either. Debate is an argument with a proper structure, rules, set time, and in a very friendly environment. Click here for Schedule & Agenda Weekly Debate Topics: Importance of college education. Homeschooling vs traditional schooling. Should children carry mobile devices at school? Age restriction for violent/shooting video games. Pros & cons of social media. Private school vs public school Pros & cons of traditional...

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