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Let’s speak in Japanese about food and your favorite recipe!

Describe your favorite Recipe!

This might take some preparation but it’s a chance to learn ingredient names, cooking methods, and giving directions in Japanese.

Suggestion: Even if you don’t cook much you can describe how you make a sandwich for example, what ingredients you put inside.

一番好きなレシピを紹介してください。- Ichiban suki na reshipi o shoukai shite kudasai. – Please share your favorite recipe

Feel free to also share a photo via screen share of any kind of food you made yourself, or that you like!

Let’s talk about food!

普段料理をしますか?- Fudan ryouri o shimasuka? – Do you usually cook?

好き嫌いはありますか? – Suki kirai wa arimasuka? – Are you picky about food?

人生で一番美味しかった食べ物は何ですか? – Jinsei de ichiban oishikatta tabemono wa nandesuka? – What was the best food you’ve ever eaten in your life?

毎日三食食べますか? –  Mainichi san shoku tabemasuka? – Do you eat three meals a day?

食べられない食べ物はありますか?- Taberarenai tabemono wa arimasuka? – Do you have any foods you can’t eat?

一番嫌いな食べ物は何ですか?- Ichiban kirai na tabemono wa nandesuka? – What’s your least favorite food?

一番好きな食べ物は何ですか? – Ichiban suki na tabemono wa nandesuka? – What’s your favorite food?

料理上手ですか? – Ryouri jouzu desuka? – Are you good at cooking?

今日は何を食べましたか? – Kyou wa nani o tabemashita ka? – What did you eat today?

普段どんな食べ物を食べますか?- Fudan donna tabemono o tabemasuka? – What kinds of food do you usually eat?

近くに良いレストランはありますか?-  Chikaku ni ii resutoran wa arimasuka? – Are there nice restaurants nearby?

どんな面白い食べ物を食べたことがありますか?- Donna omoshiroi tabemono o tabeta koto ga arimasuka? – What kinds of interesting foods have you eaten? 

日本食は好きですか? – Nihon shoku wa suki desuka? – Do you like Japanese food?

If yes: 一番好きな日本の食べ物は何ですか?- Ichiban suki na nihon no tabemono wa nan desu ka? – What is your favorite Japanese dish?

辛い物と甘い物とどっちが好きですか?- Karai mono to amai mono to docchi ga suki desuka? – Do you prefer spicy food or sweet food?

____さんの国を代表する食べ物は何ですか? – ________ san no kuni o daihyou suru tabemono wa nandesuka? – What food do you think represents your country?


料理 – ryouri – cooking or dish

食べ物 – tabemono – food

レシピ – reshipi – recipe 

Dietary restrictions:

ベジタリアン – bejitarian – vegetarian 

ビーガン – biigan – vegan

アレルギー – arerugii – allergy

グルテンフリー – guruten furii – gluten free