10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels to Learn Mandarin Chinese

by | Sep 30, 2023 | Language

Learning Chinese is hard at first, but with the right help it becomes an amazing and rewarding experience.

With over 1 billion native speakers and countless resources available, it may seem daunting to find the best way to master the language. This is where YouTube comes in handy! YouTube has a vast range of Chinese learning channels that make studying engaging, structured and fun.

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Chinese

By watching these highly-rated channels regularly, you’ll be well on your way to mastering reading, writing, speaking and listening in Mandarin Chinese.

You’ll expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and gain an appreciation for the culture. With motivation and consistency, YouTube provides the ultimate resource to help you achieve Chinese language fluency.

1. Learn Chinese with ChineseClass101.com

With over 1 million subscribers, ChineseClass101 is one of the most popular channels for learning Chinese. They provide audio and video lessons for all levels, covering reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary and grammar.

Their lessons are presented by native speakers and they also have a community of students you can interact with. ChineseClass101 uses a structured curriculum so you can progress methodically.

2. Yoyo Chinese

Yoyo Chinese is hosted by the energetic and enthusiastic Yangyang Cheng, who makes learning Chinese fun. Her lessons focus on practical conversational skills and she also emphasizes the cultural context of the language.

The videos are entertaining, clear and easy to follow. Yoyo Chinese has separate beginner, intermediate and advanced playlists to choose from.

3. Learn Chinese Now

Run by two native Chinese teachers, Learn Chinese Now offers friendly and accessible video lessons that break Chinese down into easy-to-absorb chunks. They have a huge library of videos covering pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence structure, and more. You’ll also learn relevant cultural tips along the way. Subtitles are provided in English and Chinese.

4. Slow and Clear Chinese

The host speaks Chinese slowly and repeats each phrase multiple times. This allows you to pick up on all the pronunciation details. The dialogues focus on practical everyday conversations.

5. Chinese For Us

Tailored for foreigners living in China, Chinese For Us teaches vocabulary and phrases for real-life situations like ordering food, travel and appointments. The lessons are theme-based and give cultural insights. Short quizzes help reinforce retention. Videos are energetic and visually engaging, making grammar and pronunciation practice enjoyable.

6. Everyday Chinese

Everyday Chinese features native teachers who create local-style videos at authentic Chinese locations. Their lessons teach practical phrases and vocabulary that you can immediately use for travel or daily life. You’ll learn Chinese the way it’s spoken in real-world situations. They explains things in a clear and simple manner.

7. Mandarin Corner

With a large video library, Mandarin Corner is hosted by several different native Chinese teachers. Lessons range from beginner to advanced levels. You’ll also learn calligraphy, singing and tongue twisters! They also simplify the complex aspects of Mandarin. The focus is on conversational fluency.

8. ShaoLan’s Chineasy

Chineasy uses visual mnemonics to make learning characters fun and memorable. ShaoLan teaches the key building blocks that allow you to expand your vocab easily. The illustrations provide a helpful mental reference and everything is explained in a warm and encouraging style. This channel is perfect for beginners.

9. FluentU Chinese

FluentU Chinese takes an immersive approach to language learning. The videos compile clips from authentic Chinese sources like commercials, news, movies and more. This exposes you to real-world Chinese. Videos cover everyday dialogues with vocabulary and sample sentences. A great tool for building listening.

10. Little Fox Chinese – Stories & Songs for Learners

Little Fox Chinese offers charming animated videos that make learning Chinese fun and relatable. The adventures of Ben the foreign student and Lola the fox teach everyday words and phrases in a cute storytelling format. Quizzes reinforce the content covered in each video. This channel is perfect for beginners of all ages.

There you have it – 10 awesome YouTube channels that will take your Mandarin Chinese skills to the next level. Try out a variety and see which teaching styles suit you best.

Learning Chinese takes time and dedication, but these YouTube teachers will make the journey incredibly worthwhile. With the right tools, you’ll be chatting, reading and writing in Chinese in no time.