Month: February 2023

Top Spanish Songs to Express Gratitude to Your Parents

"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't." – Johnny Depp Music has always been a powerful tool to express feelings and emotions. Whether it’s happiness, sadness, or gratitude, music has a way of conveying those sentiments in a way that nothing else can. When it comes to dedicating songs to your parents, Spanish music offers a plethora of options that beautifully capture the love and admiration one feels for their parents. Here are some of the best Spanish songs to dedicate to your parents. 1. “A mi manera” by Frank Sinatra (Spanish version) “A mi manera” is the...

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February 26th – Sports and Exercise in Japanese

Register For the Online Japanese Event Sports and exercise are essential components of our daily lives. Engaging in physical activity allows us to maintain our physical health and lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Regular exercise has been shown to improve heart and lung function, reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, and has also been found to have mental health benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety and improving mood. So let’s talk about these in this week’s Japanese practice meetup! First, share your favorite sport! This may take some preparation but try to be as detailed as possible. Describe what the sport is, why you like it, whether you only watch it, do you participate in it yourself. If you have a video of you doing the sports or a picture you’re more than welcome to share it! 🙂 一番好きなスポーツは何ですか? – Ichiban suki na supootsu wa nandesuka? – What’s your favorite sport? Other Discussion questions Note: This list looks like a lot but just use it as a cheat sheet when you don’t know what questions to ask! Otherwise it’s encouraged to just have natural conversations. 運動は苦手ですか?得意ですか? Undou wa nigate desuka? Tokui desuka? Are you bad at athletics? Or good at it?   スポーツは好きですか? Supootsu wa sukidesuka? Do you like sports? 普段どんなスポーツをしますか? Fudan donna supootsu o shimasuka? What kinds of sports do you...

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February 5th – Let’s Talk about Japanese Language

Register For the Online Japanese Event Why do you like your favorite kanji character? The meaning or the way that it looks? 一番好きな漢字はなんですか?- Ichiban suki na kanji wa nandesuka? – What’s your favorite kanji? Japanese language questions: 何で日本語を勉強していますか?- Nan de nihongo o benkyou shiteimasuka? – Why are you studying Japanese? いつから日本語を勉強し始めましたか?- Itsukara nihongo o benkyou shi hajimemashita ka? – When did you start learning Japanese? 日本語のどんなところが難しいですか?- Nihongo no donna tokoro ga muzukashii desu ka? – What is difficult about the Japanese language? 日本語のどんなところが簡単ですか?- Nihongo no donna tokoro ga kantan desuka? – What is easy about the Japanese language? Duolingo についてどう思いますか?- Duolingo ni tsuite dou omoimasuka? – What do you think about duolingo? (pros and cons with the app) Duolingo 以外で何を使って勉強していますか? – Duolingo igai de nani o tsukatte benkyou shiteimasuka? – What do you use besides duolingo to study? (textbooks, tutor?, etc)  日本語のyoutubeチャンネルを見ますか? – Nihongo no youtube channeru o mimasuka? – Do you watch any Japanese youtube channels? 日本語を学校で勉強したことはありますか? – Nihongo o gakkou de benkyou shitakoto wa arimasuka? – Have you ever studied Japanese at a school? (or tutor) 毎週日本語をどれくらい勉強していますか? – Maishuu nihongo o dorekurai benkyou shiteimasuka? – How much do you study Japanese every week? General language questions: 何ヶ国語話せますか?- Nan kakoku go hanase masuka? – How many languages do you speak? 次に勉強したい言語は何ですか?- Tsugi ni benkyou shitai gengo wa nandesuka? – What is the next language you want to learn? どの言語が一番難しそうですか?- Dono gengo ga ichiban muzukashisou desuka? – Which language do you think is most difficult? どの言語が一番簡単そうですか?- Dono gengo ga ichiban kantan sou desuka?...

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