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Sanchita teaches Hindi and English courses at different levels.

The sessions are detailed – over 90 minutes each. Homework is e-mailed and evaluated by the teacher as part of the class. No extra fee is charged for it. All the class learning materials are also shared with the students after every session.

Sanchita is a published newspaper reporter and fiction writer.

Her short stories and feature articles have been published in Hindustan Times, TES Orbit, and Spark (online magazine).

Sanchita Dwivedi, Pep Talk Radio Hindi Language Teacher

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Learning a foreign language is like opening the doorway to a new, rich cultural experience. The study of a language cannot be complete without understanding the cultural contexts of its origin. – Sanchita Dwivedi

She has also been taking regular Hindi classes on Duolingo, helping American and European students improve their understanding of the language and ability to communicate in it.

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