January 22 – Pets and Animals in Japanese

Register For the Online Japanese Event First, introduce your pet, or if you don’t have a pet, share your favorite animal, or talk about a pet you’ve had in the past. Always try and ask for more details during the event! You can use this phrase to ask why? なぜですか?(naze desu ka?) why is that? This may take some preparation but try to be as detailed as possible. Share a picture or join the event with your pet if you’d like. How old are they, when did you adopt the pet, quirks they have, what foods they like to eat. If you don’t have a pet, talk about your favorite animal and why that animal is your favorite. For those with pets: ペットを紹介してください。- Petto o shoukai shite kudasai. – Please introduce your pet. For those without pets: 一番好きな動物は何ですか? –  Ichiban suki na doubutsu wa nandesuka? – What is your favorite animal? Other Discussion questions : This list may look like a lot but just use it as a cheat sheet when you don’t know what questions to ask! Otherwise it’s encouraged to just have natural conversations. 動物は好きですか?- Doubutsu wa suki desuka? – Do you like animals? 嫌いな動物は何ですか?- Kirai na doubutsu wa nandesuka? – Which animal do you dislike? 子供の頃ペットを飼っていましたか? – Kodomo no koro petto o katte imashitaka? – Did you have pets when you were a child? (if so what were they) 爬虫類は好きですか? – Hachuurui...

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Duolingo Classes & Events Alternatives

"I am still learning." – Michelangelo Duolingo Classes & Events Alternatives by Pep Talk Radio | Dec 23, 2022 Duolingo left thousands of language learners in shock with the announcement of retiring the classes and events. Not only the learners but hundreds of amazing hosts and language teachers are also feeling disappointed. While many hosts and learners are showing their anger on different social media platforms, some are also trying to create or find the alternatives. Without a doubt it was one of the best and the cleanest platforms to meet native speakers of many different languages. All the...

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Benefits of Listening Comprehension Practice

"The art of conversation lies in listening." – Malcom Forbes Benefits of Listening Comprehension Practice by Pep Talk Radio People have always underestimated the power of listening and given too much importance to speaking. Everyone wants to learn how to speak but they fail to understand that unless you learn to listen, you can never be good at speaking. Learning to listen may not be easy. Out in the real world, even familiar vocabulary can sound confusing in someone else’s mouth. The same English language can sound completely different depending on where the speaker is from. Someone from the...

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Duolingo Korean Learning Events

Duolingo Events Duolingo Korean Learning Events by Pep Talk Radio Update: Duolingo has closed the Classes & Events platform permanently. Click here for the available upcoming events & schedules. Lately everyone around the world has been fascinated by Korean language. Especially after the rise of BTS (Bangtan Boys), everyone wants to learn Korean. Learning Korean will open up a new world for you all and bring many new opportunities. There are more than 80 million native Korean speakers. So dive into the world of this very special BTS language and surprise everyone. Below are some amazing Korean hosts on...

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Jordan Peterson – The Goal for Young People

“Don't underestimate the utility of proper action. – Jordan Peterson" Jordan Peterson – The Goal for Young People by Pep Talk Radio Once Dr. Peterson said that If you stand up and do something correctly, people who care about that sort of thing will notice and they will open doors for you. That’s how the world works. I couldn’t agree more with him. We tend to keep thinking about millions of option and most of the times we end up doing nothing. If we want to be known, noticed, and appreciated, we must start with whatever we have. There’s...

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Jim Carrey – Find Your Sense of Completion

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. – Jim Carrey" Jim Carrey – Find Your Sense of Completion by Pep Talk Radio The whole world loves Jim Carrey, not only because he’s an amazing actor but also because he’s an extraordinary human being. He has touched millions of lives around the world with his movies and inspirational speeches. At one of his speeches, he said, “I’ve often said that I wish people could realize all their dreams and wealth and fame so that they could see that it’s not where you’re going to...

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