French Phonetics & Rhythm Practice

Duolingo Events French Phonetics & Rhythm Practice by Pep Talk Radio Event Description This is a French phonetic event for beginners to read and speak in good rhythm like the French native speakers. In this series of events, you can learn or revise French phonetics, pronunciation and rhythms. There is a lesson each week to cover different aspect of phonetics. Each lesson we will have listening and speaking practice. With this course you will improve your reading and speaking skills in French. Agenda: 5 min – 5 Greetings & Introduction 35 min – Phonetics & Rhythm Exercises 5 min...

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French Grammar for Advanced Beginner

Duolingo Events French Grammar for Advanced Beginner by Pep Talk Radio Event Description This is a series of Events to help you get better at French Grammar through simple Grammar exercises. We will cover simple grammar basic with 5 to 8 associated exercises. You need to be after checkpoint 2 in Duolingo (End A1, Beginning A2 ) to be able to follow this lesson. The first to arrive will be the first to participate. We will add a number in front of your name as your speaking order number. You will be renamed as “Number-Name” on Zoom. French Phonetics...

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Duolingo Spanish Language Event Hosts

Duolingo Spanish Language Event Hosts by Pep Talk Radio There are many online communities or platforms where you can find amazing people to practice with and learn from. Duolingo is one of those platforms and on this page, you’ll find some amazing native and non-native Spanish language hosts from all around the world. Only hosts who fall under below criteria have been featured on this page: Rating: 4.4+ Events: 10+ events in last 3 months Profile: public Duolingo profile with at least 15 words in about section. To find the profile of a host on Duolingo, open below link...

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Rules, Guidelines, & Topics for Weekly Debate

“Don't raise your voice, improve your argument." — Benjamin Lee Whorf Rules, Guidelines, & Topics for Weekly Debate by Pep Talk Radio Is debate and argument same? This has always been a very tricky question to answer. While they aren’t the same, there aren’t much difference either. Debate is an argument with a proper structure, rules, set time, and in a very friendly environment. Click here for Schedule & Agenda Weekly Debate Topics: Importance of college education. Homeschooling vs traditional schooling. Should children carry mobile devices at school? Age restriction for violent/shooting video games. Pros & cons of social...

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Innovative Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” – Albert Einstein Innovative Ways to Learn a Foreign Language by Pep Talk Radio Learning a language has always been one of the most common new year’s resolutions around the globe. Every year millions of people start learning a new language but many surveys show that more than 50% people give up within the first few weeks and another 25% in the next few weeks. Most people find learning a new language very tedious and it also gets boring at times for many new...

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Present Continuous Tense (Simplified)

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth Present Continuous Tense (Simplified) by Pep Talk Radio The present continuous (also called the present progressive) tense indicates that an action has already started in the past and it’s still going on, and may continue into the future. Let’s look at the image below to understand more. In the above picture, the girl started singing in the past and she is still singing, and this action of singing will continue in future. Let’s understand this with another example: You’re in a restaurant. The waiter has served...

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