15+ Top YouTube Channels and Podcasts for Learning German

by | Jan 16, 2024 | German

Do you want to learn German but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! As someone who has learned German, I know it can seem intimidating at first. But the good news is there are tons of amazing YouTube channels and podcasts that make learning German fun and easy.

In this article, I’ll share my top picks for the best YouTube and podcast resources that will help you go from German novice to fluent speaker.

I’ll give you a quick rundown of what you can expect from each one so you can find the teachers and learning styles that work best for you.

YouTube Channels That Make Mastering German Surprisingly Fun

Learn German the Fun Way - Best Youtube Channel

Back when I was in school, foreign language classes always felt super dry and boring. The teachers would drone on about grammar rules and exceptions, and just pile on vocabulary word after vocabulary word. Sure, I’d memorize everything long enough for the test, but that’s about it.

That’s why I love using YouTube to learn German. The teachers actually make lessons engaging with fun sketches, songs, stories, and visual elements. I retain so much more than just staring at textbook pages!

Here are the YouTube channels that have worked wonders for my German skills:

Learn German

This is one of my personal favorite German learning channels on YouTube. The lessons are led by an energetic and enthusiastic instructor that keeps things interesting.

The videos are short and sweet, averaging 5-10 minutes, so they are easy to fit into your daily routine. You’ll get clear explanations of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation that are perfect for beginners.

Free German Lessons

If you’re looking to learn conversational German for real-world situations, this is the channel for you. The teacher speaks slowly and clearly while covering common German phrases and vocabulary you can use in everyday life.

Free German Lessons with Anna

I like how she emphasizes the conversational aspects so you can immediately put what you learn into practice.

Learn German with GermanPod101

This channel takes a fun and engaging approach to helping you master the German language. They produce a wide variety of lessons and videos covering vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and German culture.

I really like their neatly organized learning paths which make it easy to progress from beginner to advanced German.

Learn German with Anja

Anja has an inviting teaching style that makes learning German feel like a breeze. Her videos focus a lot on vocabulary and she explains everything in a clear and easily understandable way.

Learn German with Anja on Youtube

She also sprinkles in some German culture which helps immerse you in the language. Anja is great for beginners who want a supportive learning experience.

Learn German with Herr Antrim

If you like learning with music, skits, and a bit of edgy humor, you’ll love Herr Antrim’s channel! His videos help inject fun and laughter into your German learning.

The songs and short skits help reinforce the grammar lessons while keeping you engaged. If you’re a visual learner, Herr Antrim’s teaching style is perfect for you.

Your German Teacher

This channel is great for visual learners because the main focus is teaching through short animated videos. Breaking German concepts down into colorful animations and graphics really helps hammer home vocabulary and grammar.

If you have a hard time with textbooks and lectures, give YourGermanTeacher a try!

Learn German Today

For bite-sized daily German lessons, this channel has you covered. The short videos are easy to fit into a busy schedule so you can progress a little each day.

The lessons focus on conversational German you can use immediately in the real world. It’s perfect if you want to pick up useful beginner phrases quickly.

Learn German with Monica

If you respond well to upbeat instructors, Monica’s channel is a must-see! She teaches vocabulary, grammar, and culture through fun skits and conversations.

Learn German with Monica

Her enthusiasm is contagious and it makes learning German an enjoyable experience. Monica also emphasizes common conversational phrases so you gain confidence speaking.

German Podcasts to Improve Listening Skills on the Go

German Podcasts to Improve Listening Skills

In addition to YouTube lessons, I’ve found German podcasts to be enormously helpful for practicing my listening comprehension. Since podcasts are audio-based, they force me to understand German without relying on visuals.

I like playing podcast episodes during my commute, doing chores, cooking dinner, or anytime I have free hands but want to squeeze in some productive learning.

Here are excellent German podcasts I recommend checking out:

Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten

Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten is an invaluable podcast for intermediate to advanced German learners looking to expand their listening comprehension skills. Published daily by DW, Germany’s premier international broadcaster, the podcast provides the day’s top news stories spoken slowly and clearly by native speakers.

Each episode runs around 10 minutes long, providing just enough time to digest the main news events across politics, business, technology, culture and more.

The focused listening experience helps learners pick up on vocabulary, language patterns, and pronunciation in an authentic news context.

By exposing yourself to current German news on a daily basis, you’ll notice dramatic improvements in your ability to understand native speakers. Pausing and looking up unfamiliar words also rapidly boosts your vocabulary. Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten is perfect for reinforcing your classroom learning through real-world listening practice.

German Pod 101

No surprise here, GermanPod101 also has an amazing podcast. They design the audio lessons to help you gain well-rounded German skills including grammar, vocab, pronunciation, and cultural knowledge.

Each episode centers around a theme like common phrases, numbers, time, hobbies, family, etc. The conversations between the German hosts help reinforce the concepts, and the pace is adapted to your level.

I also love their “Listen and Learn” segments where you hear a dialogue then get a chance to repeat key phrases out loud. This practice has improved my pronunciation immensely!

Basically, GermanPod101 is like having a personal tutor through my headphones during my daily commute. Their podcast has helped me progress so much faster.

Coffee Break German

My favorite thing about Coffee Break German is that the lessons are short, sweet, and straightforward. Each episode is about 20 minutes which is the perfect length for my walks to work or car rides.

The format focuses on building conversational skills by covering common German phrases and vocabulary. The host provides English explanations as needed to clarify concepts, but keeps German as the primary language.

I love being able to pick up useful beginner sentences and gain confidence in my speaking abilities. And I can go back and re-listen to past episodes until concepts really sink in.

Coffee Break German has been invaluable for helping me learn practical conversational German I can actually use in everyday life. I always finish an episode feeling motivated and accomplished.

The Easy German Podcast

One of the best ways to learn a language is hearing natives speak it! This podcast helps build your listening skills through insightful interviews with German native speakers on interesting cultural topics. It feels more like fun conversations than boring lectures.

As an intermediate learner, listening to authentic conversations at a slower pace has massively improved my comprehension. I pick up new vocabulary and phrases within the context of real discussions.

Plus, focusing on cultural issues gives helpful insight into German perspectives. Some example topics include education, environmentalism, fitness, work culture, and more.

I used to feel totally lost listening to native speakers at full-speed. But Easy German provides an awesome bridge to get comfortable with natural German dialogue. My listening abilities have skyrocketed since incorporating this podcast into my routine!

News in Slow German

This podcast has news stories read at a slower pace by a native speaker to help German learners improve their listening skills.

As an intermediate learner, listening to the news is great practice for making out words in a natural environment. I pause after each story to look up new vocabulary and solidify my comprehension.

Keeping up with current events is also a nice perk! The topics are generally Germany-focused, covering things like local politics, business, sports, culture and more.

I love putting on News in Slow German while folding laundry or doing other household chores. It feels great to make practical use of my study time. My ability to understand native speakers gets better every time I listen.

Slow German with Annik Rubens

If you like hearing German explained conversationally by a native speaker, Slow German with Annik Rubens needs to be on your radar!

Annik discusses various cultural topics, vocabulary, and everyday German expressions at an adapted slower speed. I appreciate her calm, pleasant tone which keeps me engaged without feeling overwhelmed as a beginner.

Some sample topics Annik covers include etiquette, humor, travel tips, friendship, and philosophy. Learning vocabulary in the context of these interesting conversations has been hugely beneficial for improving my practical language skills.

I always gain new cultural insights too. Annik does a wonderful job making German feel approachable and even fun to learn. Her podcast is a highlight of my study routine!

Warum Nicht?

Looking for a fun, lighthearted approach to learning German? The Warum Nicht? podcast features an American and a German co-host chatting about cultural differences and funny anecdotes in German.

As a beginner, I find their banter encouraging since I can understand most of what they discuss. It makes German feel approachable and fun!

Marktplatz – Business German

If you want to learn German specifically for business situations, Marktplatz is an awesome choice.

From meetings and presentations to business etiquette, you’ll learn the vocabulary and expressions needed to navigate professional settings. The clear lessons really build up your confidence for using German in your career.

Dive Headfirst into Learning German Online!

There you have it – my hand-picked recommendations for the best YouTube channels and podcasts that will take your German abilities to the next levels!

No more boring old textbooks and archaic language labs. Thanks to these awesome online resources, you can immerse yourself in German comfortably from home.

Based on my experience, consistency is key. Try to engage with German media each day even if you can only devote 15 minutes while commuting or doing chores.

It all adds up over time! Before you know it, you’ll be communicating comfortably auf Deutsch.

I hope you found some new German learning tools to add to your arsenal. Let me know in the comments if you have any other favorite YouTube channels or podcasts!