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Weekly Horoscope: October 7th

by | Oct 6, 2019 | Random

Read your weekly horoscope for week starting on Monday, October 7th, 2019.


Aries, be ready for some tough competition from your opposition, but be ready to win as well.  All the previous week’s issues are going to be resolved and you should expect for success in both personal and professional life this week. You are going to be blessed by the positive moon. So be relaxed and spend a lot of time with your family. You can discuss any important issues with your family this week, as they are going to support you. You are also going to get a lot of help from your seniors at your work.  Organize some auspicious events at your home to improve your marital life. And make sure that your spouse participates in it with you. Job seekers should pay more attention and work hard this week as opportunities are coming your way. Your expenses may rise this week but you can also come across some unexpected monetary gains.


The week is going to be full of happiness for you. You should act on all the pending tasks and make all the important decisions. Don’t be overconfident. Take all the necessary precautions before starting anything new.  Be very careful about when making any financial decision. Focus on your health, this should be your primary concern. You will support from your siblings and close friends. Avoid any kind of argument with your spouse or family member. You must respect your partner. Students should plan for their future. Singles should go out with friends.


This week is going to be a busy one and it’s a good thing. Remain calm and relaxed in your professional and personal relationships. Your personal life is going to be improved. Spend more time with your spouse and children. Take extra care of your spouse’s health. New partnership and expansion in business can be expected for businessmen. But do not start anything in the beginning of the week. Monetary gains are possible after Wednesday.  Student will get good news about their results.


This week is going to be very prosperous for Cancer sign people. Monetary gains are coming your way. Legal matters could be resolved this week. Your performance will be rewarded and appreciated by your managers at work, so put in a little extra effort and work hard. This is a very favorable week for students as they will gain their lost focus. Buy some decorative stuff for your home and decorate with your family members. Domestic life is going to be better from this week onward. Postpone any adventurous plan this week.


A very pleasant and creative week for Leo sign people. Your creativity is going to be at its best level this week, so take benefit from this. Use your creativity in decorating your house and helping your children with their school projects. Your professional life may not be as good as your personal life. Your seniors at work may not be very supportive, so do not involve in any kind of argument. This week is going to bring a lot of job opportunities for unemployed Leos. People in business will have better support from their partners. This week is all about family. Your family life will be very harmonious.


The week is going to be a roller coaster ride for you. The beginning of the week will be very pleasant. You will spend some quality time with your family. You need to be very patient and focused at work. Do not make any important decision related to business or travel this week. In the mid of the week, situations at work will be under control. Unmarried people may come across some good proposal.


This week will bring you some very good news about work. You will relish happiness from all parts of your life. Mid of the week might be a little dull for you. You must be patient at work. Keep your ego aside and stay focused. Do some exercise or go for jogging. Your will enjoy your marital life. Unmarried people should be very careful before making any decision related to marriage. Overall it’s going to be a good week.


The week is going to bring success in all walks of your life. You should expect some unexpected opportunities for monetary gains. You will have a very happy family time this week.  You will get rewarded at work. Businessmen will get support from their partners. Students will feel energetic and enjoy their studies. Avoid arrogance and ego with your spouse to maintain your domestic harmony.


This week you will be confident which will help you at work. You will be appreciated by your seniors at work. Your relationship with your spouse will improve. This is a favorable week for students. Your hard work will pay off. Singles might find their soulmate.  Think before you speak. Your social life might get affected because of your harsh speaking.


Salaried people may get a raise or promotion. Job seekers may get good opportunities. Students might have dull week so you should exercise and get proper sleep. You might have some unexpected property related issue. You are not advised to buy or sell any property this week. You should be very patient and open minded before making any decision. Last two days will bring you happiness from all around.


This week is in your favor and will bring success and happiness. Your seniors will be supportive and your peers will help you in finishing any unfinished project at work. You will be energetic throughout the week. You should complete all your pending projects. You will spend good marital life. Your will spend romantic moments with your partner. You should buy some souvenir for your spouse. You should take extra care of your health this week.


You will be busy at work. Try to spend more time with your family. Your family will support you to get success at work. Married couple should avoid any argument and try to spend more time together. This week is very beneficial for students. Singles and unmarried couples can take decisions about getting married. This is a favorable week for business owners. You may get some good opportunities and new projects. You will plan for a picnic or outing on weekend after a very tiring week.